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Here’s 7 Tracks On SoundCloud You Need To Hear

Here’s 7 Tracks On SoundCloud You Need To Hear

written by Jané Greer January 12, 2017

The following tracks are set in a thoughtful playlist available at the bottom of this post. The Mellow Bars mix is our open opportunity to feature new artists making more than just your typical hip-hop but rather staying true to the fundamentals of rap in their own profound way.  Here we find that production does not override the artist’s tone to create hype. The artist and the producer have connected amicably leaving room to appreciate the lyricism.

INDIGO [prod. by Hassan EL HoBo

Rapper, Hassan El HoBo is a frequent various drug user which he says is his coping mechanism for how “topsy-turvy [his] life has been”. “I began to worry that the drugs were writing these song’s not me”, he told us. This is a subject we find most artists concurring with inside countless lyrics rather than against. With this concern for the drug’s effect on his music, the Georgia-based artist vowed to abstain from drug use while creating his EP Shrunken Head which you can listen to here.

One of our favorites from Hassan is the first track off The Return of The Kush Episode 1 found at the end of this list.

Mr.Untouchable by Dontay McFly

Here’s some gripping lyricism you can’t deny now from the deep south’s very own, Dontay Mcfly, on Mr.Untouchable. It’s a refreshing spin on Jay-Z’s Bring It On instrumental. Here’s the music video for Mr.Untouchable directed by Esoteric Visuals.

IForgetIHaveAChipToofSometimes by JUSTLUNA

The impressive JUSTLUNA writes, produces, directs, and creates the graphic designs for all of his content. “IForgetIHaveAChippedToofSometimes” is filled with slick rhymes, nasty wordplay, and an unexpected cut over the self-produced beat. Luna is a proud member and founder of Prism Tribe, an art collective based out in Long Beach, California. Stay tuned for his upcoming project is soon to be released.

Lost My Way by Say Kuro

Connecticut still has a voice. Say Kuro released his second project to date entitled Exit 7 to end 2016 the right way. “Lost My Way” was voted one of our favorite tracks by Kuro, but there’s a glimpse into every artistic skill he holds true in the 7 -track album. Exit 7 features friends, Misfit Muda and Myke Green. Listen below.

Off It by Ernest Rareberrg

Rareberrg takes us on a trip with every track released so far including the most recent, “Why’d You Leave Earth With Me”. Our choice, “Off It” shows off his pleasantly animated tones and flow turns while still spitting message and story in sacred style Brooklyn natives do best. “Off It” brings in a feature by Ava Seas.

Anxiety [Prod. By Mathaius Young] by Scotty Apex

Photo by Tucker Curts/@tukkrr

The 19-year-old artist hails from Indianapolis, IN. Apex has deep appreciation for stand out artists like Kid Cudi and gave testament to that in his track, “I AM ALONE”. Apex revisits the haunting subject of depression in “Anxiety” and flows with the consistency we’ve seen in past tracks.

Everything You’re Not[prod. Savxe] by Chris Vayle

Back after the success of his track, “I Can’t Function”, which still continues to level up in plays, Chris Vayle promises listeners more music coming very soon. His latest track, “Everything You’re Not”, is your taste of the EP set for 2017. “Everything You’re Not” was brilliantly produced by Savxe.

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